• New directions

    It's been a while since I've updated my blog. Time to share a bit of my creative journey.  It's  been an exciting and challenging year! 

    I've started a new collaboration with another polymer artist and we are launching our new venture at the upcoming King's Bay Festival in Crystal River next month. "Funky Worx" will feature original polymer/acrylic art as well as mixed media fun and funky home decor. 

    I will also begin exhibiting my mixed media wall art under "Foranart". 

  • A little too long in the oven...

    A little too long in the oven...

    Today I am giving a shout out to Fimo clay and Black and Decker. Strange combo you may think, but here's the reason. 

    I usually bake my Fimo at about 235 for an hour. My Black and Decker convection oven has a 1hour timer. So, set knob to max time-1hour and forget it. Timer goes off, oven turns off and presto, perfectly baked clay. The oven has worked flawlessly for 4 years...until last night.

    I set timer for 1hour at 11pm and went to bed. But when I went to check how things turned out at 11am this morning, oven was still on and timer still set for 1hr. 

    Fearing the worst, I took out my pieces. Mind you, they had baked for 12 hours. Amazingly, they looked unscatherd. Most surprising was the earrings, as they are only 1mm thick. 

    Picture shows unbaked piece of clay for colored contrast. I see a little darkening in the broach, but it had already been baked before this and I think I  noticed that after the first baking The earrings looked perfect. First baking. And they are still flexible.

    Kudos to Fimo. Broach combined both Fimo pro and soft. 

    Although the oven timer knob will bear watching, the the Black and Decker had to have held a very constant temp for 12 hours. Believe me, it was still at 235 when I opened it up. So kudos to B and D for a very dependable oven. 

    Oh, of course this is not a recommendation for excessively long baking. That would be just ... crazy. 😉

  • Catching up

    March 2018- Wow, such a busy winter! Frequent shows and visitors have made me sadly remiss in keeping in touch. Late New Year's resolution will be to try to do better in 2018.

    Just had a wonderful show in Brooksville last weekend. Beautiful park venue with lots of shade, friendly neighbors and gorgeous weather.  And...honerable mention award for fine crafts.  Oh and blue hair.