Meet the artist.

Meet the artist.

Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by to see what's new at my studio. 

I'm' Kathy Foran and  I specalize in highly detailed, sculptural jewelry indpired by nature. My medium is polymer clay. 

Why polymer clay?

I love sculpting and I love color. When I discovered polymer clay, I realized it was a medium that would give me the best of both worlds.  

I also like polymer because it's such a versatile medium. The techniques I use borrow from many other media. I incorporate pastels, acrylics, mica powders, and oil paints in my works. I emboss, layer, veneer and sculpt my pieces creating  texture, depth and lumosity.  Polymer clay is light weight and durable. It allows me the freedom to create fanciful, yet comfortable, pieces of art that have movement and delicacy. 

It is my belief that original art should be within the reach of everyone. I want my work to be affordable. Polymer clay  is a relitavely inexpensive material, but when worked with skill and expertise, it becomes something far more than its humble beginings. 

Why jewelry?

I think wearable art it's an undervalued art form. There is a lot of jewelry out there, but most of it is mass produced and not original work.

Jewelry is very intimate. You wear it close to your body and you make very personal choices when you decide on what pieces you will own and wear. As an artist,  I want to reach people on that intimate level.